Sensory colored spaghetti noodles

This is such an easy sensory project. It will occupy your little lovelies for nearly an hour! This allows me to get a load of dishes in, drink a cup of coffee, grab some laundry, and turn into wonder woman!

For me and my age group it is important that when we do projects that everything is edible! That way everyone can play and enjoy! Nearly everyone has some kind of past lurking in their pantry just screaming out COLOR ME!


Things you will need:

Cook as many spaghetti noodles as you would like according to the package. Drain noodles. Then take a gallon size Ziploc bag and put in desired amount of noodles. Fill with enough water to cover noodles.

Add food coloring (I like to use gel food coloring because a little bit goes a long way and so far it has washed out of every piece of my children’s clothing that it’s gotten on.)

Now this is the fun part for the children they get to shake the bag!

Then I hang the bags up. And let them sit for about five minutes
Then you rinse them.

Add some toys or cooking utensils! And viola! A lovely sensory project!

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