Chronicles of a mommy 

All of us mommies sometimes have to operate on no sleep! Sometimes for days on end. It continues to amaze me at how well I can function on little to no sleep ! I definitely consider it a mommy superpower! There were so many times before having a baby that I thought I was tired and yet I had no idea what tired actually was! So in light of our mommy non sleeping days I’ve decided that I will share my mommy brain moments! I haven’t had a ton but they are amusing nonetheless. Hopefully they can get you to laugh and feel a little bit better about your mommy brain moments.

So today I am texting one of the daycare parents. I’m so busy with the kids and everything that I fingerprint open my I-phone and proceed to talk into it and ask for the teaspoon conversion of 5 ml. I hit send and realized I have now sent this to a daycare parent instead of Google!

So there you have it, chronicles of a sleepless mommy!😝

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