Why I love my cast iron skillet! 

It’s definitely my go to pan! Honestly I could use cast iron for everything and be completely happy. It’s the easiest pan to clean and you never have to put it through your dishwasher!  

  A steel scrub pad combined with some warm water and soap and everything comes off, I have never had an issue. The last thing made in this pan before Cleaning it was chicken Parmesan. It came clean in minutes!

After its all clean I stick on a burner and turn the heat up. I let it dry completely before I coat it with oil. Either canola or olive oil. I just pour a little bit in and then take a napkin or paper towel and spread it evenly onto the pan. And that’s it! Now I can either cook in it or I can store it for a later recipe. 


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  1. Paul Zolotor says:

    I use a 12″ cast iron skillet often and a cast iron stove top grill.

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