Water play


Some days I just need something easy! Something to occupy the multiple teethers I have in my house! This worked like a charm! Caliger played for 45 minutes and D played for 1 1/2 hours! If I wasnt so busy documenting this sensory project I probably could have opened the dishwasher without a crazy 15 month old climbing it!

The cake pan on the right: I just added a little blue gel food coloring and some rocks from my front porch.

The Tupperware on the right: the yellow dyed water is warm and the black container was cold water from the fridge. I threw some spoons and measuring cups in there!

I recommend grabbing multiple towels before letting the kids go crazy!

OMG! Caliger had a blast with the rocks! He took them out and put them back in! He transferred them from container to container and filled measuring cups with them! he was noisy and so excited to play with the rocks.

water play 012

D mixed the two colors together to make green. He also counted all the rocks!

After Caliger dumped all the water onto the floor he wasn’t done with the rocks! So he sat at the table for maybe 15 more minutes just playing with them!

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