Diy sensory table ikea hack! 

  I’m really excited to now have a stationary place to do sensory projects! Not only that but I’m confident it will be less messy! Having a tub with a lid so I can close the projects down and keep it fresh for days! Hopefully this will help me do one or two sensory projects a week instead of a ton! It took us less than ten minutes to put this together! 

So we purchased the table at ikea and It was $5-$7 I can’t remember. We got the tub at our local k-mart! Everything else we used we already had! 


  • Jig saw
  • Paddle bits (not required)
  • Drill
  • Small end table 
  • Storage bin with lid

Trace the bottom of your storage bin with a marker.  

We used the paddle bit and drill to make holes to stick the saw into the table.  

I didn’t get a photo of sawing it out but it was like cutting butter super easy!  

We didn’t waste any time and got right to it after nap time! 

Our very first sensory project in our new sensory table was raw oatmeal! He loved it! 

Hope you enjoy! More sensory table ideas to come! Stay tuned! 


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