Apple cinnamon oatmeal with real apples in under 10 minutes

So I know I’ve mentioned before but I love recipes that are quick and easy. It’s just as important though that the meal is nutritious. I love being able to make yummy food for the kiddos that doesn’t come out of boxes and cans! And you would not think that it would be this easy to make! 

I found this recipe over the summer so I’ve only been making it for a few toddlers. So keep that in mind if you are making it for older kids or more kids. You’ll need to double the recipe. 

You’ll need:

  • Half an apple sliced
  • Quick oats or any other type of oatmeal.

Slice your Apple and throw it into some boiling water for 3-5 minutes. 3 minutes will leave them crispy and  five minutes gets them soft. 

Make your oatmeal according to package instructions.

 Drain apples and toss into oatmeal. Then sprinkle cinnamon generously on top. Mix and serve! 

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