Puffy paint window clings

I’ve been making these for over 15 years! My mom actually taught me! They require a little skill but I have had daycare kids as young as 5 be able to make them it just depends on the kiddo! Kids love these! They are always so proud to put them on their window at home! We always make holiday ones! 

So what you will need: 

  • Puffy paint in a variety of colors
  • Plastic baggies or clear platic sheets 
  • A picture or drawing 

First find what you would like to make!  I often use coloring pages or kids books! Place your plastic baggy over it and trace the outline. 

Make sure you get all facial features first 

The outline and features do not need to be very thick. As you start to fill in though you want to lay it on pretty thick. Make sure that every surface inside the lines gets filled in completely! 

This is the back side of the lion so it’s ok to completely cover the facial features and outlines. It won’t affect the front! 

It takes 24 hours or longer for them to dry! Then you pull them off the platic and stick them on any glass surface! 


There you have it! Get creative and have fun! 

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