DIY button snake 

Another great fine motor skill busy bag! This one took a little more effort as I did have to sew the buttons on the ribbon.  

Let’s take a minute and talk about fine motor skills! Fine motor skills help us accomplish tasks like cutting and writing. My 12 yo really struggles still with this and I’m hoping my focus on fine motor skills with Caliger will help him have an easier time! Another great activity to help develope fine motor skills is signing and hand motion songs! 


  • Thick stiff felt(I found mine at target)
  • 2 nice sized buttons
  • Ribbon 
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Cardboard(optional: you might be better at free hand or have stencils)
  • Of course a toddler! 


  • Make stencils with cardboard
  • Cut stencils out 
  • Trace stencils on felt
  • Cut felt out
  • Cut slit in middle of felt cut out
  • Sew button on ribbon 

As crafty as I am drawing is definitely not my strongest suit! If I make anymore I will find some stencils that I didn’t draw 😜. 

Step 2,3, and 4sewing also not my thing but I got the job done! Tada! Our homemade button snake! 

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