Dried beans montessori style 

So do you want to know how the magic happens? I literally just go to the store sometimes and think to myself, “we haven’t played with beans yet!” And then I grab some beans! Get cozy with Pinterest and find something that looks like fun! So today beans it is!

I wanted to get some lima beans which are bigger but all my grocery store had was pinto and black. Honestly they were pretty busy playing that I only needed to defer a couple times.   I just poured them into our sensory bucket found some cups and small Tupperware. Grabbed some spoons and ladles and we headed outside. They had lots of fun scooping up the beans and pouring them into other containers. There was a ton of pinching action going on which is a great fine motor skill to be working on! They also had fun stirring the beans around.  I’m not sure how long this entertained the kiddos but it was quite awhile. I sat in peace and watched their little minds at play! One of my favorite activities.

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