DIY felt play boards

It’s so important to me that C gets what he needs from me as much as humanly possible after little brother arrives. I’ll be stuck in one spot nursing the little guy a lot and I wanted to make some things for caliger and I to do together quietly during that time! Normally a nursing station is packed with high protein snacks and lots of water. Even maybe a crossword puzzles for mom. Mine will have the normal things oh and a bunch of stuff for C! Now I’ll be able to tell you more after baby bear is here but I’m hoping this helps C feel involved and not neglected. I hope it also cuts down on the amount of technology we use to entertain C after baby bear is here. So without further ado here are some items that will be featured in C and my nursing station! 

C loves the moon so I made him a feltboard that will help us explore other aspects of space. I’ll add more planets and things later. 

This is Henrietta the hippo and she’s so hungry! I’m positive C will love shoving food into her mouth!! 

This will help us work on our colors while honing in on his fine motor skills. I think he’s going to love this! 

This one is pretty simple but he loves tools. So hopefully he will like putting them in the tool box and taking them out. 

That’s all I’ve got for now! More to come! 

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