Paint sample strips 

So at some point I will be remodeling the kids bathroom and while scrolling Pinterest I found this! I’m a couple months off from doing anything in the bathroom and I haven’t exactly figured out how to seal them in the bathroom but I couldn’t wait! I have this huge set of cookie cutters and thought some animals for our door would be so much fun. Maybe it will help us finalize our colors! 

So this all started with finding these animal flash cards at target for a dolllar! Originally it was an animal match game but with three toddlers you can never find the magnets. So it’s just become such a wonderful talking point everyday! They all know all the animals, their sign, and sound! I really wish I had more surfaces to tape things because we would have everything in arms reach! But I don’t want to ruin the walls! I figured eventually will replace the animals with the alphabet but we aren’t ready for that! 

So for this prodject you need 

  • Paint sample strips
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape
  • Stencils or the ability to draw 

So if you didn’t have little toddlers that eat and pick at everything not nailed down you could totally stick them to the wall a different way. I have two options of either securing it very well or putting it up high. I really want them to be able to touch these though to fully engage in learning! 

I just went in and grabbed a ton of these 

I used cookie cutters as stencils because that’s what I had a trillion of. 

Aren’t these freaking adorable!?! I love them! 

There you have it!

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