How being hydrated has benefited my life 

So here’s one of these things I’ve been doing for over a year now and somehow it’s never once dawned on me until this morning that this belongs on my blog! Drinking water! I’ve never really been good at staying hydrated. I’ve never really liked the taste of water and the only time that I would say I was really hydrated before last year was when I was pregnant. Mostly because I was incredibly  thirsty! After mister C was born I started working out pretty regularly but not really hydrating. That is until a friend offered a 7 day hydration challenge on Facebook. I thought it can’t hurt to give it a try! You just had to drink water and she wanted to know how you felt before and after.  I was hooked in about 3 days time! Committed to staying hydrated for ever. I couldn’t believe I waited so long to even try it. 

So let’s talk about how much water you should have. Basically a good place to start is to drink half your body weight in Water. Daily I’ll drink somewhere between half my bodyweight and 150 oz. but I really hadn’t got over the gallon mark until this pregnancy .

Somehow with me drinking about a gallon a day my amniotic fluid was on the low side of normal. I was measuring five weeks behind and my midwife told me to up my water intake. I added 50 oz of water to my regimen a day and within a weeks time I was measuring two weeks bigger! 50 extra oz of water my body converted into the amniotic fluid it needed! Imagine all the things your body does that need water! Imagine how staying hydrated could make your entire body function better! 

Did you realize your body is made up of so much water? There really is just no way that you could up your water intake and you not feel some sort of benefit from it. Chances are you’re going to feel multiple benefits. 

So above is a chart of the things water does for your body but what does this mean? Well, it means by drinking more water you could 

  • Lose weight
  • See acne diminish
  • Have more energy
  • Ailments disappear
  • Better circulation
  • Flush out sickness
  • Brain health 

And so so much more! if you are a fellow hydrator and you have found a different benefit please let me know I’d love to add it to the list! 

Some easy ways to be successful drinking more water is to designate one cup and know how many ounces or milliliters it holds. Put some rubber bands on your cup to signify each cup you need to drink to reach your goal. 

On my cup the three purple represent the cups I need to drink to reach my bodyweight and the blue signifies my almost gallon cup or bonus cup. Once I’ve drank a cup I move the rubber band up to the top of the cup.  At first a rewarded myself with a nice infused cup of water but now I pretty much infuse all the water I drink. 

Infusing your water is an awesome way to add flavor and also benefit. 

Some people say having a glass of water with lemon in it first thing in the morning jumpstarts your metabolism for the whole day. You really can put just about any fruit or vegetable into your water and add some much needed vitamins and minerals to your body as well as hydrate. 

I absolutely love a couple lemon slices added to my water. My absolute favorite though is cucumber mint watermelon!! 

Apple grape

Strawberry orange 

And I don’t have a photo but the past two days I’ve been drinking strawberry kiwi and it is quite delicious!! 

So now that I’ve made you read my entire article let me tell you what amazing benefit I have gotten out of staying hydrated. Anxiety relief!!! Yes!!! Three days into drinking half my body weight in water and my brain got quiet. I had more focus than I had ever experienced in my entire life. It was the most amazing transformation I could have ever hoped for! I also noticed clear skin, more energy, and weight loss over time but the brain health was almost immediate. If you suffer from anxiety and you haven’t tried this you should! I never could’ve even imagined feeling this great would be that easy! So I hope you try it and if you do please let me know what benefits you get out of being hydrated! Thanks for reading! 

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