What’s in my postpartum care kit? 

So I’ve asked the wisest woman I know to compile this list of things I’ll need for after baby! And all the research I’ve done on my own I haven’t seen all these ideas on one list. Some of these things I didn’t even know existed until I reached out to fellow second time Mom’s! Once little man arrives I’ll be able to review these products and give you some more info. 

I’ve mentioned before that this time with a toddler I want to be prepared as much as possible. There will be times that it will be extremely hard for me to leave the room with both babies so I’m making sure I have lots of things I might need right there with me! 

So these are the cardboard boxes that I apolsteted. They will sit on my nightstand right next to my bed where during the first couple weeks I will nurse! You’ve all seen the contence of mister C’s box. I’ve got some puzzles and coloring books I’ll be adding. Today’s post though it is all about my postpartum box and what’s inside. And a few other things lurking about my house ready and waiting for baby T’s arrival. 

These bad boys have a cooling sensation and last for 24 hours each. You can use them a couple times in 24 hours and wash them too. It’s important this time that we establish a great supply and nursing routine without my nipples bleeding and cracking. This is one way I’m hoping to avoid it! I got these at target. 

These are really neat and you can freeze or heat them up! They also attach to most breast pumps to help encourage letdowns! 

These are the same as the medela brand except they last 72 hours. I’m really excited to be able to try both brands out and decide which one I like better. 

Breastfeeding makes you hungry so I’ve filled the box with some healthy ish snacks! 

Water! Instead of calling out for hubby to bring me a glass of water every 20 min Ill be asking for a gallon! He can just pull it out of the fridge and bring it on up  and I can fill my own glass! Breast feeding makes you thirsty! 

These here are my padsicles!! Oh my gosh a must have for the first 48 hours! I put aloe, witch hazel, and a couple little bits of lavender on them and then reseal and freeze! Also noting these pads have wings! Important! 

This stuff is amazingly important for when you go to the bathroom. Along with the perri bottle they give you. I made sure to purchase my own bottle of this this time so that I did not have to ask my doting husband for it later! He has a special name for it! 

This nipple balm is organic which means that after it’s applied you do not have to wipe it off before you breastfeed the next time! 

One more thing not pictured here that is going into my box is blue Gatorade. I’ve heard it’s a must! 

Here in the next week or so I will be posting my herbal bath! So if you’re pregnant and about to have a baby make sure you scroll down to the bottom of my page and hit subscribe! Then you can be notified when I post. 

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