Whipped cream painting 

My approach to edible art is literally well, what do I have in my kitchen that I don’t need? Oh whipped cream ok! Let’s try this! 

You’ll need 

I always use my baby bullet jars to make finger paint because they just seem to be the right size and proportion. I just added a couple squirts of color and then stirred it up! 

The result was fluffy pastel paint! Alright they’ll love this! 

We’ve been working on how to spell out names and I wanted to get some artwork up for visuals. We sign our names too. This kiddos really respond well when given a sign along with a word or letter. Also signs help develop our fine motor skills! The finger skills we use to to write and do intricate work with our hands! They also have a blast signing animals! Wow tangent haha! But yeah they enjoyed this prodject! 

This would be a good paint for a Easter craft! 

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