Dear Caliger 

Dear Caliger, 
As the arrival of your baby brother approaches quickly I think so much about how soon you will have a partner in crime but also a rival. How you will now be my oldest and not the baby I’ve cherished for two whole years. How our alone time will diminish and my patience will waiver. How we both might cry more for the first couple months. I really struggled with this in the beginning but I’ve had many months to think it through now. All these memories flood my thoughts of our beginning and how no matter how much time your brother takes to soothe or how many toys I make you share with him you will always own a special place in my heart. You my darling were first. You were the first baby I grew inside me! The first one to terrorize me with hiccups and flips! The first baby I brought home to this house and introduced to our fur babies. The first not even 24 hour old innocent angel I was responsible for taking care of and how incredibly scary it was! The first to get sick on my watch and keep me awake not because you were awake, but because I had to check on you every two seconds to make sure you were breathing! The first baby to light up my life with your smile and break my soul into pieces with your tears! The first completely miserable teething baby that couldn’t sleep day or night!! The first to sleep between your daddy and I and us both love it! I learned to cloth diaper with you. How to make homemade food. I spent so many days and nights thinking about you and what kind of mother I wanted to be! I owe my blog to you and many more adventures baby boy! ! I’m hoping you get the drift of this letter. You are so special to me and I hope that you don’t ever forget this. But when you do I’ll be here to tell you how you were the first. 
Love your momma 

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