Why my homebirth turned into a hospital birth

I know people are curious why I didn’t have a home birth like planned and how I’m dealing with it. The most important thing has always and forever will be the safety of my baby and then my safety as well. So when my midwife came to my house for a regular check up and my normally low blood pressure (115/70) was 150/80 she was concerned. I told her I hadn’t slept the night before which I hadn’t and she told me that if I got a headache and back tension to call her. The next day around 4pm I got a headache and my back was really tense which wasn’t super unnormal for me because I have previous back injury’s from competitive swimming as a child. So I headed to my local grocery store where they have a clinic and check blood pressure for free. It was the same 150/80. So I called her and she told me she wanted me to go in for monitoring possibly overnight. So Jim and Zach forwent their haircuts like planned and we packed up and headed for the hospital. I got settled in and they hooked me up to be monitored in the triage area. Baby T was doing fantastic but my blood pressure was all over the place. At one point it was 158/92, the doctor and two nurses rushed in to administer an IV and said if I went over 160/90 I was getting anti-seizure medicine. They really thought I was preeclamptic but all the test results came back negative. So eventually they decided we were just going to call it hypertension. I was exactly 38 weeks to the day. After a couple hours they came in with the recommendation that I be induced. Jim had a really hard time wrapping his mind around the whole situation and wanted to believe that my blood pressure would come down with more time. It took us a while to make a decision but in the end decided that induction was best. The OB/GYN and nursing staff was pretty great at respecting my wishes. My doctor even broke a hospital rule and allowed everyone into the room for mister T’s big arrival. So all three children, my mom, and my husband were all present! See when my blood pressure reached 140/90 I was too high risk to deliver at home. That being said I couldn’t of asked for any better outcome. I was able to deliver naturally without pain meds with little monitoring. I was able to labor on a yoga ball and in the tub. And my family was all present and accounted for and that’s what really matters. Sure I’m sad that I didn’t get the experience that I had planned for and desired. But I truly believe in my heart that there was absolutely no other way that it could’ve happened as safely. In the end I have this beautiful healthy baby boy to hold and be so thankful for! 

Tannen Vincent Ronnie Cobb 

February 3rd at 10 am weighing 8 lbs and 20 in and 3/4 long

He’s the child that completes our family! I truly feel like I’m on a new adventure! It’s only been 8 days but I’m just beaming with joy! I can’t think of any better job for me than being a mom! 

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