Why I love aldi and what you need to know before shopping there. 

So we ventured into aldi about 3 years ago and it took a little adjustment period to make us advit aldi shoppers but it happened and we won’t ever look back! The very first time that we went in there we left without anything because we were agitated that they only except cash or debit. The second time we were hesitant to buy much because we were not familiar with any of the brands. Finally some friends told me about what they liked from aldi and we felt comfortable trying those items. Then we decided to go all out! We eventually had to tailor our menu to what aldi has available. The very few things we can’t get there we make sure to grab when we happen to be at a store that has them. We are able to purchase 95-100 % of our weekly food there. The savings is outstanding and the quality is normally wonderful! 


Let’s start with did you know that if you shop at Aldi you can save tons and tons of money? Like buckets and buckets of money! Get good quality fresh food while savings buttloads of cash! Well you can!!

I’m going to share with you what is on our menu this week and how much it cost us. If I could’ve been a little bit better prepared for this I could’ve had the receipt for you but I did not tell my husband in time that I was looking to share with everyone what we buy at the store. 

So we are a family of 6. We are made up of two adults, two teenagers, a toddler, and an infant.  We need breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday of the week as I am currently staying home. 

This week we spent $125 for everything. 

We purchased things like coffee, cookies, canned veggies, cereal, and random things along with food for 3 meals a day. 

For breakfast will eat things like eggs, oatmeal, and pancakes. We also have bananas and apples

For lunch we mostly eat leftovers but we also have corn dogs, ravioli, and stuff for baked quesadillas. 

For dinner we have some yummy things like 

Herb roasted chicken breasts

Low carb Philly cheesesteak chicken 

Green chili chicken bake 

Pork chops with apple salsa 

We can’t forget taco Tuesday and my husband made a huge pot of chili but I’m not aloud to share that recipe with you.😜

Now that I’ve shown you what wonderful meals you can make while saving money at aldi lets move onto things you will need to know before your first trip. 

First things first bring a quarter. One of the ways that they are able to cut costs is by not needing employees to return carts. You put a quarter in to get your cart and you get it back when you return it. It may sound silly but it actually works! 

Aldi usually only has a couple different options for each product and you most likely are not going to be familiar with any of them. For instance we know that we do not like their tenderloins or their Alfredo sauce. But we love just about everything else! It’s trial and error and I’m sure that you’ll find things that you love and things that you don’t like as well.  Just like the regular store only on a much smaller scale. To accommodate this we took Alfredo off of our weekly menu and added a chicken dish with a half and half white sauce instead. 

Aldi doesn’t bag your grocery they put them right back into the cart and you have to bag them. You can either bring reusable bags with you or grab boxes as you shop. They do have paper and plastic bags available but they cost money at the check out. 

I mentioned this in the beginning but our local Aldi stores only take debit or cash. This is because credit card companies charge businesses high percentages. It’s just another way that they cut corners to provide you with cheaper food that’s still great quality. 

We have run into problems of getting there in the evening and them being out of things we need. Normally we just plan a trip for later in the week to grab the necessary things we couldn’t get it at the time. Weve seen such a dramatic savings from shopping at aldi! It’s changed our lives for the better! 

If you feel like I’ve left anything out feel free to share that with me! Also if you would like any of the recipes for the dinners I shared you can find them on my Pinterest page under weekly meals.  I hope you enjoyed this post and that it was informational for you! As always thanks for reading! 

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