My non-alcoholic drink that helps me tolerate my children and life

Almost every evening I make a pitcher of my magic tea! Lately since having a new baby join our little family I’ve been adding a little extra chamomile and tension tamer to my pitcher. Tonight we had an unruly toddler and a fussy baby.  A near catastrophic end of bath meltdown that resulted in lots and lots of water needing to be cleaned up off the floor. Thanks to my calming pitcher of tea I haven’t needed an alcoholic beverage or acigarette and all of my hair is still on my head! So if you haven’t tried to relax in the evening with some iced tea you’re missing out! 

I brew my tea in my coffee maker. I use 3 family size iced tea bags, 3 regular chamomile, 3 regular tension tamer, and when I’m not lactating 1-2 peppermint tea bags. I fill up the coffee pot and brew all 12 cups it will make.  While it’s hot I add some sugar to the pot. I fill the pitcher with ice and add the warm brewed tea. I fill the pitcher the rest of the way with cold water and ta da!!!! Non alcoholic tolerate your messy life tea! Try some! 

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