DIY pedi or foot soak all natural ingredients. 

Oh my gosh this is so easy and convenient that I’m incredibly upset that I just discovered this last year. But of course after you have kids things are just not as easy to do by yourself and so you start to branch out and look for things like this. But now that I found it I can’t believe I’ve been paying someone else to do it! It’s so easy takes 30 minutes and my feet feel baby soft!

Here’s the deal! I absolutely hate feet! So I have some photos but nothing of me actually scrubbing my feet or anything like that because that’s just gross! I really hope you can get the gist of this without me needing to demonstrate it and start doing it yourself at home and feeling beautiful. 

I used my homemedics foot massager but you could easily use a bowl, pan or bucket. If both your feet fit in it, it’s perfect!
Fill your desired soaking basin with:

  • Water 
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 1/2 cup milk 

I added a little bit of lavender but you could use all sorts of essential oil’s I imagine! 
In a small container put 1/4 cup sugar and then add olive oil until it’s mixing good. Then Squirt in a little lemon or lime juice. And now you’ve got one amazing foot scrub! 

I am inpatient so I soak my feet in the water mixture for 15 minutes. I then use the sugar mixture and a pumice stone on each foot.

I then soak for another 10 minutes. I want to say that the recommended time is 20 minutes for the first soak but 15 does the job! 

Then I’m done! Yes it’s that easy to have silky soft feet. You can do this from the comforts of your home while you’re reading a book or watching your favorite show. You can even make yourself a margarita or drink a beer! You can soak longer or shorter you can even have your toddler or other aged child join you! It’s super convenient and easy! I hope you give it a try! Let me know what you think! 


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