10 easy edible ways to keep your kids busy 

Summer is upon us and I know everyone is spending lots of time outside but these are great activities to keep your littles busy while you’re doing dishes, reading a book, folding laundry, or catching up on your latest Netflix obsession!  You could dive right in alongside your kiddos for some quality time! All of these activities are edible and require few ingredients of which most you’ll have laying around your kitchen! Try them all!

1.  2 ingredient Edible tapioca Playdough

2.1 ingredient  Edible sand 

3. Edible slime


4. Edible colored oatmealimg_2937

5. Edible finger paint never buy it again!

6. Yogurt paint

7. 2 ingredient Oobleck

8. Colored cooked spaghetti 


9. Edible 2 ingredient cloud Dough


10. Dried noodle color sort


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