Do it yourself pedicure #2

I am so happy that I found this on Pinterest! When I’ve had a rough day it’s nice to just unwind with a pedicure right in my living room! Today I watched minimalist videos on YouTube and just relaxed which I very much needed. I imagine that there are lots of other women out there that used to get pedicures on a regular basis but are just at a point in their life where they can’t afford it or they don’t have the time. This is perfect for you! Obviously you have to rub your feet yourself but I have a little pep in my step when my feet are smooth! Maybe you’re in a bind and you have somewhere fancy to go! This would be perfect for that last minute pedicure or you forgot to get it. What I like about it is I can use stuff that I already have my kitchen. No need to run out and buy special ingredients. It also takes about 20 minutes or as long as you’d like it too. 

I use a Homemedics foot soak/massager but you really could use just about anything that’s deep enough for your feet to fit into.

I really wanted to make this soak a little bit more relaxing so I boiled some chamomile tea and I added some lemon slices. Also instead of making my foot scrub with sugar I used salt. I also added some lavender oil. It really did feel like I was at the spa today!

Foot soak :

  • 2 cups chamomile tea
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup Epsom salt
  • Lemon or other citrus fruit slices
  • Water to fill line 

Foot scrub 

  • Three TBS olive oil 
  • 1/4 cup or more sea salt 
  • Lemon juice 


  • Bucket or container 
  • Pumice stone

With the foot scrub you might need to add more olive oil or sea salt but you just mix it to a thick consistency. 
So I first added the olive oil, milk, and tea to my foot soaker and then filled the remaining way with water. I then added the Epsom salt, lavender oil, and lemon slices to the water. I soaked for 10 to 15 minutes. This way the ingredients have time to saturate the dead skin to help peel it away. 

I then coat my feet with the salt scrub and scrub for a while. Then I use the pumice stone. I go back-and-forth with the salt scrub and pumice stone until I feel like I’ve gotten most of the dead skin. I then soak my feet for about five minutes longer. And done! If you have time you could put a nice moisturizer on your feet but you have to keep them up until it dries. It’s pretty easy and really enjoyable! I hope you try it! 

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