7  fun ways to help your child learn to self regulate

In my personal opinion self soothing, sitting still, stopping when asked, taking turns, and dealing with not getting your way appropriately are all learned skills. Self regulating skills are very much acquired skills. I believe self regulating is highly important and helpful. Practicing self regulation will help your child acquire the skill.  Self regulating is the ability  to control one’s own emotion, behavior, and thoughts. Self regulating is being able to change your course of action according to the situation at hand.  Children who are capable of self regulating on a high-level are more inclined to succeed academically. Children who self regulate well tend to have higher reading and math scores.  A wonderful way for us to help our toddlers and young children learn to self regulate is to play games where they can practice these skills. You probably didn’t even know that these games required self regulating but they do! So I’m going to share with you some ways that you can practice self control/ self regulating with your child. I do want to point out that children learn by example as well as play.  Setting a good example and showing them how we as parents can self regulate is also really important.

1. Freeze dance

Turn on the music and have a dance party when the music stops you must freeze. You will start out with very short times without music and as your child gets better you can increase the freeze times.

2. Follow my Clap

You perform a clap sequence and they listen and repeat. Like you clap quickly three times and they clap quickly three times. You can make it harder and they catch on.

3. Mother may I

One person gets to be the mother, the rest of the children ask mother may I take this many steps, hops, frog jumps, scissor steps, or giant steps to get to the mother. The mother can approve or decline.

4. Follow the leader

One person is the leader and the other children do what the leader does.

5.  Ready set wiggle

The leader says ready set wiggle and everyone wiggles. The leader says Resdy set French Fries no one wiggles.

6. Make you laugh

One child tries to make everyone laugh and whoever laughs gets to make everyone else laugh.

7. Tag

Tv tag, toilet tag, color tag freeze tag, and any other game of tag reaches self regulating. One person is it and they run and try to tag other players to freeze them or turn them into toilets. Other players can unfreeze them or make them not a toilet.

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