5 ways to Montessori at home and why 

I’m pretty sure that everyone in the world has heard of Montessori. Although I’m not sure that the mass understands it’s motives and techniques. Many of you probably think of a classroom setting but You
 don’t have to be an educated Montessori instructor to Montessori at home. While  Montessori has definitely influenced my educational style and shows up from time to time, for us in our home it’s a lifestyle. 

Montessori was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. It has over 100 years of success across the entire world! 

I believe that Montessori’s main goal is to provide an environment where a child can thrive by being independent and capable. Meaning free to make choices and take care of him or herself. This kind of environment helps a child reach his or her full potential. It really helps children thrive and grow! 

In a classroom setting the entire room would be at the child’s reach. Everything would be for the child, the entire space would be centered around the children. While most people can’t Montessori their entire house, it is possible to incorporate some aspects into your daily routine. Thus  living the Montessori lifestyle. 

5 ways to Montessori at home. 
1. Offer a designated play area either in their room or another frequented area of the house where your child’s toys are all in hands reach. Where they are organized so that it is easy for your child to access what he/she desires to play with and also pick up and put away when he/she is done. 

Making it easy for children to clean up also helps them be successful. When everything has a place it’s less stressful. Also having them pick up their toys makes them aware of what they get out.  And it’s always ok to encourage by singing a clean up song or counting the items as they get put away! Often help my kiddos pick up too. 

2. Puting kids cups, utensils, and plates at their level. This way they can choose their cups and plates for the day and be responsible for getting them out at meal times.  This also means that they can put them away straight out of the dishwasher.

starting at around 18 months I have everyone throwing their napkins away and washing off their plates. They often enjoy this little sense of responsibility and it makes less work for me too!  

3. Making it easy and accessible for your toddler to wash their hands, clean toys, and prepare toothbrush. 

4. Now his bed is actually on the floor and it’s called a Montessori floorbed but as long as your toddlers bed is easy for them to get in and out of by them self it works. I couldn’t wait to do this for my boys! I know it might seem kind of weird but it just offers total independence. I can’t tell you how many times I go to check on Caliger and hes just chillin in his bed! I definitely wanted them to have total independence in their space after all it’s theirs! 

5. Having your toddler help you with simple tasks like unloading the dishwasher, separating laundry or throwing it into the washer, cleaning windows, or wiping down toys. Also he always helps clean up a mess he has made. If he spills a drink he gets the towel. If he gets crumbs on the couch he vacuums them up. Now more than not I have to finish up after him but he’s learning that he is responsible and also capable of taking care of himself. 
I bet some of you that read this are already doing some of these things at home. If anything I hope this post has broadened your knowledge of Montessori and just maybe you’ll dig a little deeper. I really feel like incorporating these things into my toddlers life have made him really happy. As always thanks for reading! 

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