4 raw puréed recipes for the mesh feeder 

I’ve mentioned in my baby food posts that my goal is 100 different foods before my guy turns one. I believe the more food you expose your little one to in the beginning the broader their pallet is throughout toddlerhood. One of the ways that I do that is by making some frozen cube concoctions I can put in the mesh feeder. I love using the mesh feeder for teething comfort. You could also thaw these and add oatmeal or quinoa for any little eating purees.  Maybe even some chicken would be good especially with the tomato/bell pepper/Pea. 

I like to use raw veggies because it’s the purest form and usually healthiest. It’s also The easiest. You just have to cut it up and throw it into your baby bullet or blender! Transfer it to your ice cube tray or mold. And a couple hours later you’ve got frozen Popsicles ready for the mesh feeder. 

These cubes should last 3 months in the freezer. In just one afternoon I made months of versatile mesh feeder options.  Soon my little guy will get to enjoy these flavorful popcicles!! I cannot wait to find out what he likes and doesn’t! 

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