Stuffed Bell peppers

I’m honestly a little bit in love with this recipe. It’s so delicious and I love how filling it is! It’s pretty easy to make and the seasoning blend is soo good. I’ve actually started using the seasoning blend in other recipes. We are pretty new to low calorie and eating healthy. Which is why I love this recipe. It makes my belly full but I also know that I am eating something good.  

Now I will warn you that the spice blend packs a little bit of a punch! We really like spicy food in our house but you might reduce the Ceyanne if you are not a fan of the heat.

Also the two times that we’ve made it we’ve used green peppers and we’ve just decided that they are not as good. So going forward when I make this I’ll be using red, yellow, or orange peppers. For some reason they soften more and of course they’re a little bit sweeter too. 

Currently this is the only recipe I’m using quinoa in and I really like it. I can’t wait to try it in other recipes. I think that I could probably eat the beef and quinoa mixture in tacos or a taco bowl. 

I do like to top them with a little bit more cheese. But I’m kind of a cheeseoholic and if you don’t have that problem you might not need The extra cheese.  This meal is just so good and it’s definitely going to start making its appearance at least biweekly. I think that you could probably add some diced tomatoes and onions. Or maybe even corn. If you experiment with it and you add some stuff let me know! I hope you enjoy it.

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