The easiest edible finger paint recipe in the world 🌎

So you may be thinking, has it she already posted the easiest finger paint recipe ever? The answer is yes and this is the same one only it’s better. Now that I’ve been using this recipe for so long I have it down and I am sharing with you exactly how to measure it out to get the right consistency.

If this is the first time you’re seen this let me tell you that I have not bought finger paint since discovering this recipe and I won’t ever again. I pretty much always have the ingredients at home so it’s absolutely no money out of my pocket for the kids to paint. Are use gel food coloring in and with my experience it usually when Mixed well doesn’t stain hands or counter tops. We do have ever wear our paint shirts when painting as to avoid getting the paint on clothes.

I use my baby bullet containers so if you’re using bigger containers you might want to double the recipe.

Four each batch and color you’ll need:

5 tbs water
2 tbs flour
1 tsp flour
1 tsp oil
Food coloring

For a little bit runnier paint skip the tsp of flour.

I put all ingredients except food coloring into my container and mix very well.

I then add food coloring until desired color and mix well again.

That’s it! Super simple and easy to make and I absolutely love the look of it when it dries. Definitely this fall we will get some canvases and see what it looks like on them. You’re a try and let me know what you think! Thanks for reading.

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