Taste safe sand

Real sand always sounds like a good idea and it never is. It’s abrasive and if you play indoors you’ll find it randomly ALL OVER YOUR HOUSE for months!! Possibly on your body in places you really don’t want anything let alone sand! It’s just not worth it DONT DO IT!!

I’ve seen a lot of people use sugar as edible sand. This is worse than real sand! I personally do not want a group of sugared up kiddos. Nope no I’m totally good.

So here’s an alternative to real sand and sugar sand that the kids will enjoy and you won’t dread cleaning up or dealing with if eaten.


Really any tan cereal or crackers would to the trick!

I just throw them into my baby bullet but a food processor would probably work better. I used two big boxes of regular Cheerios. Remember if anyone younger than a year old is playing the Honey Nut Cheerios are a no go.

And then let the sensory playing commence!! Super easy to put together and super easy to clean up and hey the kids can have a snack at the same time! My husband says I’m a genius for this one! Enjoy!!

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