Teach the letter A in one week!

We have officially started our 26 week crash course to learning all of our letters! In case it’s not obvious that’s a letter a week and we are doing them in order.

We are using these free printable worksheets And you can find them here

Each week I will include a supply list, books, and activities

Most of the supplies are pretty cheap and you just might have them already. The books we will read all come from the library.

I hope you find this helpful, easy, and affective! I know I did!


  • Construction paper
  • Markers
  • Colored pencils
  • Posted notes
  • Stapler and staples
  • Scissors
  • Apple
  • Washable paint
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Clear tape

Most of the supplies above will be used for all letters. The supply list will not change a ton from letter to letter. The easier and more prepared one can be the better!

Repeat repeat repeat

The very first thing we did was cut out two big visuals for the capital A and lower case a. This way we could visually look at them all day long. I decided to display them right in the entry way so we had to walk past them a lot! I just drew some bubble letters on construction paper and cut them out. They aren’t perfect but they will do!

Every day I made up little jingles sometimes just really repetitive but the kids enjoyed this. I made sure to call them uppercase and lowercase and big and small. We talked about them several times a day and I repetitively asked them over and over what the letter of the week was! If they didn’t know I sang a little song mention below. We did talk about letter sounds but I am not at all worried about them retaining that information. Main goal is letter recognition.

Visual stimulation

Every morning after breakfast I would get on YouTube and pop up a couple videos about A. You can type in the letter A and get a list or you can click these links

Abc mouse letter A

Sesame Street letter A

Jack Hartmann letter A

Bounce patrol kids letter A

These were the ones we liked


Apple letter stamping

I cut an apple in half and we dipped it in some red paint and I let them stamp it onto paper. Pretty easy. I do this one at a time and I have wipes ready to clean up messy hands and fingers.

The other craft that we did was pretty simple I had some felt with a sticky side. I cut seeds out of the felt and Drew an apple on some construction paper and let them put some seeds on the Apple.

You could just as easily cut seeds out of construction paper if you had some glue sticks.

Reading material

I found an amazing list of books on Pinterest. They have books for letters A-z. Check it out here.

Worksheets and letter books

Here and there throughout the week we did our worksheets. Caliger loves the letter hunt! And all the kids carried their letter books around all day!

I’ll take this moment to mention that I do not make the kids trace letters. There Is plenty of time for us to work on writing and a way that we get ready for that is through fine motor songs, sign language, and fine motor activities. I do not want to burn the kids out and get them started to soon so I might mention it to them but I never make them do it.

Alphabet letter hunt

Another fun activity that we did I’m calling our letter hunt. I wrote down letters on post it notes with several Aa ones. Then stuck them all around the room and let the kids go at it! When all of the Ae has been found I let them race to get the others. They all had a blast!

Every Friday we have some version of pancakes and so this Friday we had

Funfetti A pancakes!!

This was a little harder than I had anticipated but it worked. I won’t be able to do this for every letter but the kids sure did enjoy it.

And that’s a wrap for the letter A!! Caliger has it down and has been spotting in books and other places! I’ll call this a success! Check back in 2 weeks for letter B! We will spend 2 weeks on B because thanksgiving is next week and I am only open 3 days. As always thanks for reading!

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