Edible cloud dough with cornstarch

This weeks letter is C So I thought I would make the kids some cloud dough today. I go to get everything out and who doesn’t have flour? This girl! I however have 2 boxes of cornstarch. Aldi only carries cornstarch seasonly so I pretty much grab a box every time im there as lots of our projects require cornstarch. So I scoured Pinterest and the wonderful world wide web but only found play dough made with cornstarch. Nothing that resembled traditional cloud dough. I decided I was just going to give it a go. I mixed the cornstarch and oil and it worked!!

It’s so silky and smooth! It’s kind of luxurious feeling. It packs really well. One of my kiddos has been playing in it for nearly 45 minutes now. We also should be able to keep it in a bag for a couple days.

I hope you give it a try it’s absolutely amazing!

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