Attention! Oatmeal Greek yogurt waffles!

So if you follow my blog you already know that breakfast is important to me. I like to offer healthy nutrient rich protein rich meals every day. These kinds of meals help keep everybody full and satisfied for longer than other breakfast options like cereal and traditional pancakes and waffles. And not having hunger pains or sugar rushes allows for optimal learning and less bad behavioral out bursts. Which is super important for our preschoolers and school aged kids! Providing these healthy options is really not as difficult as one might think. They don’t have to take any longer to prepare either! If you look for my blog you can find lots of other easy quick healthy breakfast options! And stay tuned because Friday I will post the banana pancakes we have been enjoying lately!

One of our weekly breakfast options are these delightful oatmeal Greek yogurt waffles! In 30 minutes or less I can whip up a bowl of batter and make a bunch of waffles. Anything we don’t eat I freeze and next week I don’t even have to make any batter as we will just reheat this weeks left overs. I might even have enough for the following week. Caliger is my only kiddo that asks for syrup and the rest of the kids just eat them up plain!!

One of the reasons I love these waffles so much is because my kids hate yogurt! I’m always looking for a way to sneak yogurt into their lives. I love being sneaky! I used to buy the big tubs of plain yogurt but since we don’t have that many yogurt eaters in the house these days I just get the little containers. So I’ve just been using a container of strawberry Greek yogurt. So I don’t add any sugar because there is sugar in the yogurt container. If you decide to use plain Greek yogurt you might want to add some sugar. Maybe a teaspoon or 2. Hope you enjoy this recipe!! I know we sure do!!

To make these delightful waffles just mix all the ingredients above and place spoonfuls on your waffle iron!

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