Why I sell Avon and more!

You might be thinking this is a weird post for this blog but I can promise you that it isn’t! It actually fits quite perfectly!

Being a mom is an absolutely amazingly rewarding job and all but it’s also highly stressful and time-consuming! If you are like me you might have to sneak off to shower alone and daily have snot and food stains from little hands and noses on your clothing! You might be tired out of your mind! You might need coffee to sustain life… your kids! Ok the last parts a joke! Kind of đŸ˜‰

You might be fortunate and still have the time to go get your nails done and go shopping but that’s not me! And I know I’m not the only one out there totally and utterly consumed with motherhood. So if you relate to me keep reading and if you don’t you can still read it too!

The history of Avon

Avon has been around since 1865! What started out as a perfume company now is a multi million dollar company. They are one of the first companies to really empower women and also one of the very first social networks! I think it’s really neat and I really love all the history that comes along with Avon. I haven’t met one person yet that doesn’t have their own Avon story! It’s actually one of my most favorite parts about being a representative! I love all the nostalgic stories everyone has! What’s your Avon story? My great grandmother and Grandma both were representatives! I just find it incredibly cool that I can be apart of something that older generations of my family were also apart of! And I wonder if you mentioned Avon to your family how many stories you’ll get to hear!

The products

If you’ve ever used Avon then you know that they produce high-quality products that have lots of bang for your buck! With Avon you’re getting department store quality at drugstore cost! There is no way that I could afford Clinique or Estee Lauder or even half the stuff at Ulta or Sephora! But I can afford an entire skin regimen with Avon! I have a night and a day moisturizer, night and day serums, exfoliating pads, facemasks, and the list just goes on! Most Avon products come in beautiful glass jars or containers. It looks and feels like I’ve spent a million dollars which is amazing because I totally haven’t!

What Avon products have done for me

Personally I have very sensitive skin, at times I’ve wondered if I have a very mild case of eczema. Until recently it was very uneven, incredibly dry, and inflamed. Product lines that have caused issues for my skin include bareMinerals, Dove, bath and body works, Johnson and Johnson. I was so dry that prior to Avon I was using tons and tons of Aveeno or banana boat lotion as a moisturizer and yet never felt moisturized! It’s probably not necessary for me to say this but when I find something that works for my skin I stick with it. But Avon doesn’t just work for my skin. Avon has completely freed me from my dry, uneven, acne prone, large pore skin! Avon has given me soft, supple, bright, pretty close to even toned, happy skin! Never ever have I ever imagined that I could be this happy with my skin! Avon has also brought me options as I’ve had relatively no issues with any of their products that I have tried so far! I am and will always be one of Avon’s happy customers!

What Avon has done for me as a business

I am most definitely an entrepreneur. I’m a hard worker and in almost every job I’ve had I have ended up in management. I like to see my hard work pay off and I like to climb the ladder! While daycare completely fits our current needs and allows me to stay home and raise our kids which is a huge blessing! There is absolutely no ladder and no matter how amazing of a provider a become I will not make any more money. Similar to motherhood. Being a great mom is fantastic and it is super rewarding but it’s not making you any money!

Avon is and can! Avon offers me a chance to be a part of something that I love and build my very own business around it and make money. There are so many direct marketing companies out there but I can promise you none of them are like Avon!

It cost me $25 to become an Avon representative. I have no minimum order amounts and i’m only required to order every 12 weeks to keep my representative status. That order can be any amount. đŸ˜± it’s sooo flexible it’s almost unbelievable! But I tell you it’s true! It’s all true!!

When you join Avon you get a free website so people all over the USA can shop with you! You get a discount on everything you buy for yourself! There is an Avon university full of amazing training tools to help you learn all about your new business endeavor! Your lead has a group and you are instantly connected to other people doing the same thing as you! There’s an Avon social group all about social selling! We call the leaders of this group the brains. There’s a program to control your social selling and you can pick from tons of ore loaded content and schedule your posts! You are instantly connected to a million people that want to see you succeed and help you succeed! It’s incredible! And all of this is founded on honesty and authenticity! Your very first training sessions in Avon university are about being truthful and selling products with integrity! There is no pressure and no gimmicks. It is totally my business and I can go forth how I feel necessary!

I didn’t start out wanting to build my Avon Empire, I was excited to get a discount on the products that I buy for myself. But instantly I was pulled in to this amazing company and it ignited this passion in me. I am so very excited about my journey with Avon and I cannot wait to see who I meet along the way and where it takes me! if you know anything about direct selling companies you know that all of this is amazing. Some of them cost thousands of dollars to get started. Some of them have very high minimum order amounts. Some of them encourage you to lie and annoy people to get them to buy your product. Avon is none of those things! And exactly how you go about selling Avon is up to you! Oh and about that discount… I’ve gotten 40% the last three orders! Epic!

If you do not currently have an Avon representative I would love to be your Avon lady! Please shoot me an email or visit my E store listed at the bottom.

If you’ve never tried Avon I have lots of samples! I would love to send you some and a free brochure!

If Avon sounds like a good business fit for your situation or you have more questions do not hesitate to contact me. I would love you to be a part of my team! I would love to help you in anyway I can achieve your goals with Avon! Join the boss life today!


My E store

As always thank you for reading! I hope you have a wonderful day!!

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