How I do my to do’s

I know that I have said this before in a previous blog post but minimalism is about so much more than just minimizing your stuff. Case and point minimalism is also about minimizing and simplifying your day to day chores.

I am a perpetual list maker but I often jot it down on an envelope or in a notebook and lose it. I scoured Pinterest looking for ideas on ways to help me keep my tasks in my focus and therefore keeping me on track. I didn’t exactly find any specific one that met my needs but compiled things I came across to create something that works for me. And after months of using this system I thought it was time to share it with all of you!

This here is my actual dry erase board! The love yourself note is from my dear mother and I can’t seem to erase it lol!

The dry erase board really called to me because I could hang it somewhere I would see a lot. I have chosen to put it on the side of my fridge which means I see it every time I walk into my kitchen, which is a lot throughout the day. Using a dry erase board like this makes it really easy for me to change and update my to do list whenever I need to. Having it on the side of my fridge also allows my whole family to see things that I am currently working on. Sometimes that’s very helpful. I can write things down that I want to get done daily but also things that I might need longer to complete. I like that it works on a daily basis and a weekly or monthly basis to!

I decided to make my board a little bit more exciting and I wanted to add some other things that were important to me for me to look at every day as well. So at the top of my board I have the 10 rules to success from Leo Babauto. He is a fellow minimalist and blogger and you can find more things from him Here . I live by his 10 rules for success in my life and businesses. I often find myself using these rules when making decisions. I really feel like they have helped me grow in my personal life and in my business adventures. I strongly encourage you to look into the books and the blog Leo Babauto has published!

At the bottom of my dry erase board I add a quote. I try to change my quote on a weekly basis. I just find something inspiring and add it to my board. For me usually the quote is workout related and it just keeps me focused on my health goals too!

I also use my dry erase board to keep track of my water intake each day. Staying hydrated and minimalism have really changed and shaped the life I live today! I contribute my focus and the fact that I have less anxiety to both of these things being staples my life.

There you have it! I told you it’s pretty simple and easy but also really effective in helping me get everything I want to accomplished on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis! If you end up implementing any of my ideas I would love to see what else you add! I am always up for seeing other people’s creativity at work and I love trying new things!

As always thanks for reading I hope you enjoy this and have a wonderful day!

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